Events and past adventures at la brillante in Marrakech

Oriental Fashion Show: June 18-19 2021

The 37th edition took place in the heart of the “ville ocre”. More than a fashion show, the Oriental Fashion Show is a real artistic platform in which we had the honor to participate. As an official partner of this event, la brillante is associated with the values of the OFS, namely the dissemination of the richness of a cultural heritage, the celebration of modernity through the beauty of tradition and the highlighting of the splendor of oriental fashion.

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Fashion at La Brillante

We welcome permanently the caftans especially created for la brillante by the talented Salma Lazrak. We also had the chance to discover the work of a Moroccan designer Wafa Idrissi during a shooting at la brillante.
These two women give birth to caftans that express themselves by beautiful colors, very noble materials. This freedom of creation characterizing Wafa and Salma sublimates the caftan in accordance with the requirements of Moroccan women and the world.

Press release

Art at La Brillante

Juliette Clovis – Plastician artist

For her work, Juliette borrows craftmanship’s gestures and excellence, adding her artistic vision, and carrying it into contemporary art. It is natural that her work finds its place at the Brillante with two unique tailor-made creations: sculptures with his favorite register: porcelain. A universe made of contrasts and mixtures.