The Designers

La Brillante wished to employ aesthetic codes never before seen in the Medina and omnipresent feminine references. The perspectives of the women who contributed to the project brought to life this feminine universe par excellence. From the interior designer to the fashion designer, each one applied her own sensibility and innovative approach to aestheticism to the minutest details.


Isabelle is an interior designer known for her creativity and her Franco-Moroccan touch. With her experience and offbeat style, she was able to infuse La Brillante with elegance and modernity while respecting the traditional atmosphere of the Riad.

The colours, textures, and materials selected by Isabelle combined with the savoir-faire of the local craftsmen gave birth to a space imbued with femininity. Each setting created by Isabelle represents a unique universe.

designer de l'hotel la brillante
designer de l'hotel la brillante


For Salma, oriental fashion is a family passion. As a child, she learned the intricacies of sewing from her grandmother. So, it was only natural that she opened her own Oriental fashion boutique that became a great success amongst Moroccan high society women.

“I conceive each caftan by hand with the help of local craftsmen. The work requires great attention to detail, and it can take several months to complete one piece.”

Her collaboration with La Brillante is intended to showcase her work on exclusive caftans and prêt-à-porter pieces presented during fashion shows on the patio.